Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making Progress!

I've really been slacking on getting this canoe done. I would really like to have the hull complete and ready to glass by the first week of February. I really Haven't done anything since bending and gluing the stems.

Let them dry.
So after a week of just noodling around in the workshop, I finally got back in there today and got serious. I was able to complete setup of the mold on the strongback. I also got the stem molds and stems in place and was able to begin shaping the stems. This is something that I should have approached a little more tentatively. I was a little aggressive and cut them to the wrong angle, and had to adjust. Sorry I didn't post a pic, but I was more concerned with correcting the problem at the time than documenting my screw-up!

The completed mold ready for the stems to be shaped and the strips started!

And so, the excitement builds. I was able to attach the first strip to the hull today also. Unfortunately, it's around the low 40s and so my glue isn't setting as quickly as I would like so I have to wait for that to set up in order to place the first strip on the other side. I will try that first thing in the morning before church, but if I don't wake up early enough, then I will get it after the first service.

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