Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photos of the Complete Prospector 16.

Well, here is the finished product. Pay attention to the size difference between the Prospector and my Bob's Special. I will have another post soon with the photos of the toilet cabinet I am building now.


  1. james,
    very very beautiful workmanship, you can be very proud of your canoe.
    jim benson

  2. Wow James looks great! How heavy is it? Keep on building!

  3. Thank you for your comments. I am very proud of it, and hated to send it to the customer. Fortunately, they are close by and I have been informed I am allowed to borrow it next month for a weekend canoe camping trip with my boys' scout troop. I am really looking forward to that. Anonymous asked how much it weighs. It finished about 55-60 lbs, but that is an estimate based on how it feels. Maybe I should get a scale...

  4. James,
    Great looking canoe! Did you use staples or do it stapleless? If you used staples, did you have any problem with the staple holes showing. Did they both you or weren't they that bad?

  5. Chunky,
    I used staples because I didn't want to spend the extra time going stapleless. The staple holes do show, but I don't think they take anything away from the overall look of the canoe. In fact, I think they enhance it. If you are familiar with older canoe construction, with ribs and clinch nails, to me the staple holes are a kind of subtle reminder of that look. Does that make sense?